The Content Picker with Preview Package

What is the Content Picker with Preview Package?
Visualizing content that is pulled onto multiple pages of the site can be difficult. This package is an easy way to remind a content editor what is on a testimonial, staff profile, etc, and let them edit quickly from the page the content is selected on.

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Watch the demo video to see the Content Picker with Preview package in action.

Testimonials (via the Content Picker with Preview)

How it works: In the TextPage.cshtml View, use the code below to render out your preview picker (note that you need to check if the property displays, which is wrapped around this content). Our package's custom property editor saves the same thing as a Multi-Node Tree Picker: a comma separated string of node IDs, so you can use your coding style with this property editor with ease.

I officially endorse this awesomesauce package!
Pete Duncanson
Huddersfield, UK
This is a great package, but I worry about those API calls...
Kyle Weems
Bellingham, WA, USA
These packages burn as many calories as running a 50K!
James Young
Huddersfield, UK
I'm sure there is no statelessness in these packages.
Stephen Roberts
Huddersfield, UK